Queen Bee Flowers
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About Queen Bee Flowers

Queen Bee Flowers is a small organic farm providing sustainably and locally grown specialty cut flowers and floral services in the Portland area. In the year 2000, Queen Bee began growing on a small plot of urban ground in Cedar Mill. Expanding to an additional plot on Sauvie Island in 2002, Queen Bee now grows over 100 varieties of annuals, perennials, bulb and tubers on about an acre total.

Sally Senior (owner/grower), begins each season in March with seeding, followed by cultivating, transplanting, irrigation, staking, fertilizing and pest control (using only biological/earth-friendly methods), harvesting, marketing and delivery. Occasional assistance from a few dedicated volunteers is appreciated, and anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to contact me.

Queen Bee Flowers is the only "exclusively flowers" Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in the Portland metropolitan area. In addition, we grow the flower shares for several vegetable CSA farms in the area, including Sauvie Island Organics, participate in several local farmers markets, as well as provide flowers for weddings and special events.

Queen Bee also provides fine gardening services, including design, installation and specialty maintenance for residential and commercial clients.

Why Organic Flowers?

From OrganicWeddings.com:

"Unfortunately, pesticide regulations are not as stringent overseas as they are in the United States and Canada. As a result, many imported cut flowers have been sprayed with toxic chemicals to keep them cosmetically perfect. These chemicals are not only toxic to us, but do great environmental damage in the countries where the flowers are cultivated. It is also disconcerting to consider the resulting health problems experienced by the people, mostly women, who cultivate these flowers and are exposed to much higher quantities of these chemicals."

Updated: March 8, 2005